Rana Amar Singh History

Rana Amar Singh

Maharana Amar Singh reached a point by Shah Jahan which caused harm to land and life of Mewar. Temples were destroyed, flame is put on by many villages and children and women were tortured to create Amar Singh surrender and seized. In interest of Mewar along with the people, a movement was left by him. The treaty involving Jahangir and Amar Singh stands contrary to a Rajput Chief of Rajasthan plus any treaty involving a Mughal Ruler as on a plain. The Rana was exempted from a responsibility whereas Rajput rulers have to attend the Imperial Darbar in person. The lands around Chittor were awarded back as a goodwill gesture by Jehangir, to Mewar in 1616.

He was the Ruler of Mewar dynasty of all Sisodiya Rajputs. Maharana Pratap, on his death bed, forced his successor vow facing his chiefs to keep their fight and also to Chittor to him. From his youth to the times of the departure of Pratap, Amar was a constant companion in the toils and problems of his father. He was a warrior in the struggle of Dewair the Mughal commander was murdered by Amar Singh in charge. It’s thought that he thrust his spear after piercing the coat of the horse of Sultan Khan, the weapon struck. Mewar was victorious and Pratap managed to claim a lot of the lands of Mewar, but maybe not Chittor back. A son, amar Singh fought many battles from Akbar and Jahangir both with the Mughals to match the last wish of his father.


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